LED Globe Lights

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LED Globe Lights

Energy-Efficient LED Globe Lights

You don’t have to go around the world to find energy-efficient vanity lighting – we have it right here at Conservation Mart with our G25 LED Globe light bulbs! These ball-shaped lights are used for both residential and commercial applications whenever users what to add a little decoration to their bathroom fixtures, ceiling fans or accent lighting. We carry LED equivalents for 20W, 40W and 60W incandescent globe bulbs that use up to 85 percent less energy and are rated for 15,000 hours or more of use. With this combination, you can stay high-class without paying high-class energy bills.

Our dimmable LED globe lights are easy to install and maintain, and their warm glow provides a comforting effect. In addition to regular E26 base globe lamps, we also have E12 candelabra lights for when you really want to go all-out. Both of these styles are direct replacements for your existing incandescent or halogen globe-type lighting with no rewiring needed. Call us toll-free to learn more about how these affordable lights can raise your lighting worldliness while lowering your carbon footprint.