Led Recessed Downlights

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Led Recessed Downlights

The LED recessed retrofit downlight at Conservation Mart is available for 4,5,6 inch cans and in various wattages and color temperatures. Learn more about choosing the right LED Recessed Retrofit Downlight.

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Convert Recessed Lights to LED Easily with Retrofits

Conservation Mart is committed to helping our broad client base find affordable, simple ways to make their facilities even more energy efficient. One of the easiest ways you can lower energy consumption and maintenance costs is to upgrade your recessed lighting to LED with the help of a recessed lighting retrofit kit. These kits are a smart option for converting recessed cans to LED technology without needing to replace your entire fluorescent or metal halide recessed lighting fixtures. Top-quality brands like TCP Lighting, MaxLite, Green Watt LED and more make LED recessed lighting retrofit options to suit your specific needs.

By now you’re probably well-aware of all the ways that LED lighting can help improve your lighting conditions while lowering costs. An LED recessed retrofit downlight is a good example of how far LED technologies can go. For example, an LED downlight may consume only 15 watts of energy while producing 850 lumens, effectively helping you save between 70 and 80 percent on energy costs. Additionally, LED recessed lighting comes with more high-tech features than its energy-hogging predecessors, like significantly longer lamp lives and cooler operation.

Conservation Mart can help you find the appropriate recessed light retrofit for your unique needs, whether you need an LED 4-inch recessed lighting retrofit for your standard-sized cans or a challenging 9-inch commercial style to accommodate demanding industrial spaces. We also have several recessed retrofit kits with features like UL approvals for damp location use if you need to install your new LED recessed lights in environments where exposure to rain and snow is a concern. We have styles ranging from 7 to 200 watts in several lumen and color temperature options at Conservation Mart. Our highly rated customer service team is always available to help you find the right style for your needs.