LED Emergency Lights

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LED Emergency & Exit Lights

Ensure that your building is safe and up to code with these LED exit signs from Conservation Mart. We have an enormous variety of high-quality LED emergency exit signs featuring simple, LED-lit wording as well as combination styles with built-in LED emergency lights for buildings that need to upgrade or replace their emergency lights and exit signs with a single product. All buildings in the United States are required to have both signs indicating an emergency exit route as well as emergency lights with a back-up power source such as batteries that will provide a minimum of 90 minutes of light in the event of an emergency. Conservation Mart is available to help you find the appropriate styles for your facility’s unique needs.

We highly recommend choosing our LED Combo Exit Signs, which are built with an LED-lit exit sign as well as dual long-lasting emergency lights powered by an internal battery. These top-notch exit signs utilize LED technology to provide you with a virtually maintenance free, low-cost way to keep your building safer. Some of our LED exit signs have energy-saving LED lamps with lives of up to 25 years as well as features like maintenance-free batteries that provide an estimated service life of 10 years with a broad operating temperature range. Many of our combination exit signs and LED lights are equipped with convenient rotating lamps so that you can perfectly target a large space if your facility loses power.

We also have a large variety of LED Exit Signs that do not include backup emergency lighting. These incredibly affordable signs are the perfect choice for any property manager or owner who wants to upgrade to a more energy efficient, eco-friendly exit sign. Our large selection includes exit signs for many locations, including wet-location LED exit signs featuring corrosion-resistant, UV stabilized enclosures that will keep the sign working even in wet and damp environments. If you want to easily upgrade to an LED exit sign, be sure to pick up one of our LED exit sign retrofit kits that allow you to transform your older energy-hogging styles to high-tech LEDs.