2x4 LED Troffer

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2x4 LED Troffer

2x4 LED troffer lights are an ideal option for illuminating large spaces such as modern workplaces and schools. The long average life of 50,000 hours reduces the costs of maintenance. At Conservation Mart, we carry standard, recessed, and volumetric LED troffer light fixtures that are also available in dimming options. Learn more about choosing the right 2x4 LED troffer lights.


2x4 LED Troffers

Designed for the modern workspace, volumetric troffers place soft, uniform illumination on high vertical surfaces in a space to create a pleasant and highly-functional lighting atmosphere. By creating a better balance of luminance through the visual field, volumetric troffers are able to make spaces feel brighter, larger, warmer and more relaxing. Today’s volumetric troffers are also designed with LED lamps for unparalleled luminance, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In fact, the LED troffer light fixtures in our inventory here at Conservation Mart are rated to work for 50,000 hours and use less energy to produce more lumens than their fluorescent counterparts. Designed and manufactured by some of the industry’s top brands, our available LED volumetric troffers emit the ideal color temperature for functional spaces such as schools and offices. We also carry LED troffer light fixtures with dimming capabilities for adjustable luminance. Sized at 2 ft. by 4 ft., the LED volumetric troffers in our inventory bring optimal overhead lighting performance ideal for all educational and professional settings. Order yours with safe and secure shipping here at Conservation Mart today!