2x4 LED Flat Panel

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2x4 LED Flat Panel

The LED panel fixture is ideal for illuminating large spaces such as modern workplaces and schools. The long average life of 50,000 hours reduces the costs of maintenance. At Conservation Mart, we a variety of LED panel fixtures that are also available in dimming options. Learn more about choosing the right 2x4 LED ceiling light panel.

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2x4 LED Ceiling Light Panel

Looking for a better lighting solution for your drop ceiling? Look no further. Here at Conservation Mart, we proudly carry an extensive selection of the 2x4 LED ceiling light panel from notable brands that are ideal for drop ceiling grid environments including schools, offices and healthcare facilities. Designed and built by some of the industry’s top manufacturers, the LED panels in our inventory are not only easy to install — they’re also high-performing, energy-efficient and long-lasting. With ideal color temperatures ranging from 4000k to 5000k, they provide optimal luminance for high-functioning professional and educational environments. Most of the models in our inventory are rated to last up to 100,000 hours, and use significantly less wattage to produce comparable or greater lumen amounts than their fluorescent counterparts. Plus, they’re available now with best-in-class warranty protection, comprehensive customer support and 30-day hassle-free returns from the team here at Conservation Mart. Browse our selection below and start shopping with us today!