2x2 LED Troffer

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2x2 LED Troffer

The 2x2 LED troffer is an ideal option for illuminating large spaces such as modern workplaces and schools. The long average life of 50,000 hours reduces the costs of maintenance. At Conservation Mart, we carry standard, recessed, and volumetric LED troffer light fixtures that are also available in dimming options. Learn more about choosing the right 2x2 LED troffer.


2x2 LED Volumetric Troffers

If you are looking for the most energy-efficient and high-performing troffer lights for your ceiling, then LED volumetric troffers are the products for you. Designed to distribute light for soft, uniform illumination across on all high vertical surfaces within a space, LED volumetric troffers create an atmosphere that is both bright and relaxing. Plus, as LED fixtures, they are significantly more energy efficient and long-lasting than their fluorescent counterparts (with available LED lamps rated for 50,000 hours of continued performance, plus less wattage used to produce comparable lumen levels). Here at Conservation Mart, we proudly carry an extensive selection of 2’x2’ LED volumetric troffers and center baskets designed for a wide range of residential and commercial spaces. Designed and manufactured by some of the industry’s leading brands, DLC and UL listed and backed by best-in-class five year warranties, our available 2’x2’ LED volumetric troffers and center baskets are ideal for those in educational and professional workplaces looking to get the most out of their lighting. Order yours with us today!