2x2 LED Flat Panel

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2x2 LED Flat Panel

The LED panel fixture is ideal for illuminating large spaces such as modern workplaces and schools. The long average life of 50,000 hours reduces the costs of maintenance. At Conservation Mart, we a variety of LED panel fixtures that are also available in dimming options. Learn more about choosing the right 2x2 LED flat panel light.


2x2 LED Flat Panel Light

In buildings where drop-ceiling light fixtures provide the primary source of light, energy efficiency and light quality are of the utmost importance for your panels. That’s because your panels are working to provide light for every room in your building whenever it’s occupied — and, as such, they are also large contributors to your monthly energy bills. To optimize the atmosphere in your building and keep costs low, it’s important to choose the best overhead panels possible for your work environment.

At Conservation Mart, we proudly carry an extensive selection of the 2x2 LED flat panel light designed to optimize energy usage and provide ideal luminance for educational and professional settings. Rated to work for up to 100,000 hours before needing replacements, the LED panels in our inventory also use significantly less power to produce more light than their fluorescent and incandescent cousins. In addition to giving you more light for less, the LED panels in our inventory also give you better light with more. That’s because each of our LED panels falls within the ideal 3000k – 5000k color temperature range and comes equipped with a host of welcome features including motion sensors, dimmable controls, daylight harvesting systems and more. Get the best for your drop down ceilings — order high-performing and energy-efficient 2’x2’ LED Panels here at Conservation Mart today!