1x4 LED Troffer

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1x4 LED Troffer

The 1x4 LED troffer is an ideal option for illuminating large spaces such as modern workplaces and schools. The long average life of 50,000 hours reduces the costs of maintenance. At Conservation Mart, we carry standard, recessed, and volumetric LED troffer light fixtures that are also available in dimming options. Learn more about choosing the right 1x4 LED troffer.


1x4 LED Troffers

In professional and educational settings, overhead lighting is almost always the main source of light. Many businesses and schools opt to use troffers, square lighting fixtures mounted to a lowered ceiling grid, for uniform lighting in every room. However, not all troffers are created equal. Today’s LED volumetric troffers provide softer, more uniform light and use much less energy than their older fluorescent counterparts. Plus, they last longer too.

Here at Conservation Mart, we proudly carry an extensive inventory of 1’x4’ LED volumetric troffers and center baskets ideal for a wide range of professional and educational applications. Designed and manufactured by some of the industry’s top lighting brands, the LED troffers and center baskets in our inventory display bright, warm and uniform lighting that helps increase productivity and heighten the moods of those within a space. High-performing, energy-efficient and long-lasting, many of the LED troffers in our inventory are rated for 75,000 hours of performance before needing a replacement. Save time and money, and increase productivity under your ceilings by installing 1’x4’ LED troffers from our supply team here at Conservation Mart today!