LED High Bay / Low Bay

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LED High Bay / Low Bay

A variety of linear and round LED high bays and low bays are available. Find out how to choose the right LED High Bay Light Fixtures.

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LED High Bay and Low Bay Light Fixtures

Designed specifically for illuminating spaces with ceilings ranging from 20 to 45 feet high, LED high bay light fixtures are the perfect choice for quality illumination in warehouses, manufacturing plants, gymnasiums and other expansive spaces with high ceilings. Conservation Mart highly recommends swapping out your older high bays for high-tech LED styles, as this can save your facility up to 80 percent of energy and in turn encourages lower costs associated with energy bills and maintenance. Each LED high bay light for sale in our store provides more durability and a longer life than their less efficient predecessors.

If you are looking for the perfect overhead lighting solution for your low-ceiling space, then low bay lights are the products for you. Specially-designed to diffuse light and lessen reflections, low bay lights are perfect for offices, game rooms and a host of other commercial and residential locations with low ceilings. Here at Conservation Mart, we proudly offer a selection of LED low bay lights designed to provide optimal lighting and save energy in the process. In fact, the LED low bay lights in our inventory use up to 72 percent less energy than their HID counterparts. Read on to learn more about low bay lights and the advantages of LEDs, and start shopping with us today!.

We have a large variety of LED high bay and low bay light fixtures for various different applications. For example, you can use a linear high bay if you need energy-efficient lighting in large spaces like warehouses and manufacturing facilities, and opt for a style with effective thermal management if you need a style that will help keep hot spaces cool. With LED high bay / low bay light fixtures, price may be a concern for many facilities. Thankfully, Conservation Mart provide impressive volume discounts on high bays and low bay by MaxLite, TCP Lighting, PacLights and more top manufacturers to help you achieve a more energy efficient facility for less.