LED Lighting

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LED Indoor & Outdoor Light Bulbs & Lighting Fixtures

If you’re looking for the brightest, most efficient lighting available, then you’ve arrived at the right page. Conservation Mart has a huge selection of LED light fixtures, bulbs and lamps for all of your residential, commercial or municipal lighting needs. You turn your lights on almost every day, and it only makes sense for them to be environmentally friendly and save you money. We carry LED lighting from MaxLite, Green Watt, TCP Lighting, Kobi Electric and other industry leaders at competitive prices so you can afford to go green. Whether you’re looking to outfit your whole house with LED lighting or just need a few spare bulbs, you can get what you need in our online light-mart.

Find LED indoor light bulbs and light fixtures, LED outdoor lighting and LED retrofits for everything from your kitchen to your patio. We also have a number of specialty lighting systems such as LED emergency lights, LED holiday lights and even LED flashlights. In each case, you receive LED light bulbs and lamps that burn brighter and last longer than incandescent, halogen, CFL or fluorescent lighting while using less energy. In fact, a 10-watt LED bulb can burn brighter than a 60-watt standard incandescent bulb while lasting up to 25 times longer! This incredibly efficient and low-maintenance lighting leaves a smaller carbon footprint and more than pays for itself over the life of the system.

Conservation Mart has been a leader in conservation technologies since 2008, offering the highest-quality products to reduce energy and water use. Our LED lighting mart allows everyone to experience the benefits of energy efficiency every time they flick the light switch. If you have questions about what LED lights are best for your needs, call us toll-free during business hours at1-800-789-8598 for expert assistance from a real live person. Most of our products ship within one business day, and we offer volume discounts for businesses to save you even more. Make the best environmental and economical choice by choosing our LED lighting fixtures and bulbs! Learn more about the factors to consider when choosing the right bulb.