Conservation Mart Announces Expanded Line of Water Conservation Kits

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Lawrenceville, GA March 15 2012 – With 90 percent of the US reporting water-stress conditions as of 2009, water conservation is becoming an increasingly important issue across the country. Conservation Mart, an online retailer specializing in water efficiency, energy efficiency, and weatherization products, is proud to offer water conservation kits that make saving water at home both simple and cost-effective.

Water conservation kits include an array of low-cost items that effectively lower water consumption and costs. For example, replacing the standard 2.5 gallon per minute showerhead with the low flow 1.5 gallon per minute showerhead can reduce water use by approximately 14,500 gallons of water by the end of the year, which then leads to saving about $78 dollars in water heating costs.

The bathroom faucet and kitchen aerators in the Conservation Mart kits install over these respective applications, to allow only a certain amount of water to flow through the fixtures. These tools allow for water savings of up to 50 percent from the faucet.

Toilet water savers include a toilet displacement bag, which decreases the amount of water used per flush by 0.8 gallons, and dye tablets that are used to detect toilet leaks. Another toilet water saver that can be included in a water conservation kit is a fill cycle diverter. This tool reduces toilet water use by half of a gallon.

The items found in a Conservation Mart water saving kit can reduce water use by tens of thousands of gallons annually. In addition to water savings, the amount of energy required to heat water will be greatly reduced as well. Through the practice of water efficient measures, savings of hundreds of dollars every year in water, sewer, and water heating costs can be realized.

Water conservation kits can be customized to reflect specific needs, as some may require only toilet water savers, while others may be in need of only shower and faucet devices. In addition, Conservation Mart can create inserts for each kit featuring a logo, or contact information for the business or institution.

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