Composting Bin vs. Composting Tumbler

Making compost is easy compared to sorting out all the composting options on the market and choosing the right one for you! The most basic decision to make is whether to choose a bin or a composting tumbler. One way to make the choice easier is to think about it in terms of what’s important to your lifestyle:

  • Time to Finished Compost – Are you an impatient gardener? Want to start enriching your soil this season, already? Then you’ll want a compost tumbler for sure. The frequent turning exposes composting material to a much higher dose of oxygen, which breaks it down in record time so you can harvest your compost in a matter of weeks instead of months or even years in a traditional bin. For the ultimate in speed try a continuous composter like the ones made by Sun Mar. These allow you to harvest finished compost without waiting for the whole pile to age.
  • Time Spent By You – Neither option will take up a ton of your time, but the compost tumbler will likely save you a minute to an hour here and there.

  • Ease of Use – If you enjoy working outside and have a strong back, you may prefer a traditional compost bin. If you’d rather spend your time outside relaxing, consider a composting tumbler. It’s much easier to turn a crank than to wrestle a pile of rotting vegetable matter with a pitchfork. Plus, with the tumbler you’re working with gravity rather than against it when it’s time to harvest your “black gold.”

  • Appearance – Both compost bins and compost tumblers come in attractive models. It’s a matter of personal taste.

  • Animals– Raccoons are cute, but not when they’re rummaging through your compost pile. Most compost bins allow easy access to rodents, skunks and other critters. Tumblers have to be built tightly to keep the compost in during turning – which has the added advantage of keeping animals out!

Your new composter is likely to be your gardening pal for years to come. It pays to think about your lifestyle preferences while deciding which model to bring home – it may make the difference between an enjoyable hobby and a chore!

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