Choosing the Right Door Sweeps


At this point you have found the air leaks using leak detectors and sealed up the windows in your home for less money than it takes to get a Snuggie. However, our work is not yet complete. Another way air can come in and get out of your home is through the door. Getting door sweeps is a great way to minimize uncontrolled air infiltration, insects, dust and moisture.

A variety of door sweeps are available for a variety of settings within the home. Standard door bottom sweeps are heavy-duty, useful on doors that cross tile or hardwood floors. They have an aluminum carrier and typically last for years. Automatic door sweeps are ideal for floors that cross rugs or carpets. When the door is closed the sweeps will close the gap between the threshold and the door, and when the door is open the automatic door sweeps rise, passing over the rug or carpet. Both of these door bottom sweeps come with screws for installation.

If you’re not one to “do-it-yourself,” or if you’re simply unable to add or subtract from your living space (as is the case with most apartment units), there are other sweeps that will do the trick just as well. Self stick door bottom sweeps are perfect for areas in the home that receive the least amount of heat, such as the basement. If you can peel and press, you can install this without even the thought of breaking a sweat. Ideal for those living in apartments or other rented units are exterior door sweeps. They are installed by cutting the two sets of foam tubes to your choosing, placing these into two sleeves, and sliding it under the door. Exterior door sweeps move just as smoothly over the floor and are also machine washable.

Door bottom sweeps come in common colors such as white and brown, and some are even manufactured to allow for painting over. They are relatively simple to install and don’t cause a nuisance once they have been. Bottom line: door sweeps are a wonderful way to weatherize your home. They keep the cold air from coming in during the winter as well as allow the warm air to stay inside, and are perfect for any home.

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