BRK Smart Onelink Combo Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Hardwire 1042135

BRK Electronics
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Product Description

Onelink Connected Hardwired Combo Smoke and CO alarm with 10-Year Sealed Lithium battery backup and Voice location technology. AC 120V Interconnectable. WiFi and Bluetooth speaker (iOS & Android) enabled. Includes Photoelectric smoke sensing technology.

Product Features:

  • Mobile Connectivity Through the Onelink Home App: With the Onelink Home app you can test and silence your alarm and assign the locations of each device in your home.

  • Voice Alerts: The Smoke & Carbon Monoxide alarm has voice and location technology. In an emergency, the 2-in-1 alarm will tell you the type and location of the danger. It can also interconnect with other compatible alarms so if one sounds, they all sound.

  • Hardwired Alarm with Easy Setup and Installation: The Smoke & Carbon Monoxide alarm is a hardwired alarm with easy adaptor plugs included. There is no need to rewire, allowing for quick and easy installation.

  • Battery Backup for Continuous Protection:The Smoke & CO Alarm is equipped with battery back-up for protection during power outages.