Control Outdoor Lights with a Solar Timer Switch

Do you wish you had a programmable way to control your outdoor lights? I know lots of people that waste energy by leaving their outdoor lights on all the time when they are out of town. This is especially wasteful when they leave the lights on their second residence/ holiday home.

There is a need to leave the lights on for security purposes but it sure would be nice to have it turn on at dusk and then have it turn off during daylight hours. There is a way to achieve this programatically via a Solar Timer switch. Take a look at the Aube Timer Swiitch. When you first install it, you enter your location and the date and time. The solar switch then calculates the daylight hours for your location and will automatically turn the lights on and off. The solar switch can be used for outdoor lights and motors.

So stop leaving those outdoor lights on all the time, and install a Solar Timer Swiitch.

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