5 Important Facts About GU24 Bulbs

gublogWith incandescent light bulbs going the way of the Canadian penny, the time to learn about GU24 lamps is now. These consumer-friendly light bulbs are quickly becoming the new standard for energy efficient lighting, so before jumping into the conservation revolution, here are five important facts about GU24 bulbs to keep in mind:

1. Not Manufacturer Specific

GU24 lamps were designed to be better than the pin-based bulbs they’re replacing, so naturally replacement was a feature that had to be corrected. Unlike pin-based light bulbs, GU24 lamps can be replaced with bulbs from any manufacturer as long as the fixture has a GU24 socket. This not only makes replacement easier, but this allows you to shop around for the best bulbs without worrying if you’ll be able to easily replace the bulb you have.

2. Ballast: Already Attached and Easily Replaced
Another attempt to correct pin-based compact florescent lamps (CFLs) was to design GU24 lamps with the ballast already attached. The ballast is an electrical device for starting and controlling fluorescent and discharge lamps and is easily replaced.

3. Adaptable to Standard Base Fixtures
Standard base fixtures, or lamps (not to be confused for light bulbs/lamps), are still considered standard because while incandescent bulbs are disappearing, standard base fixtures are not. To make the transition from incandescent to CFL easier, GU24 bulbs can be plugged into an adapter that will fit any standard base fixture.

4. Available in All Color Temperatures
Whether you need the bright lights of Hollywood or the low lighting of a romantic meal, there’s a GU24 lamp for that. They are available in all color temperatures:

  • 27000K – Warm white
  • 3500K – Soft white
  • 4100K – Cool white
  • 5000K – Daylight

5. Reduce Energy Consumption and Lighting Costs
There are a few reasons why incandescent light bulbs are disappearing. Aside from the fact that they:

  • give off 90% heat and only 10% light
  • have a short life span
  • use 60-100 watts of power each to light a home

Incandescent light bulbs use up 25-30% more energy than even the federal government is comfortable with. By comparison, GU24 bulbs:

  • give off 100% light
  • have a lifespan of 10,000 hours or more
  • use only 13-27 watts of power each

By using less energy to achieve the the same or even better lighting results, GU24 lamps are a sound option for cost-effective, energy resourceful lighting.



2 thoughts on “5 Important Facts About GU24 Bulbs

  1. Shirley says:

    Does GU24 bulbs get hot? I replaced a 60w bulb with another one that is slightly longer. The bulb lies horizontal in a globe ceiling light.
    The new bulb touches the glass globe and I am concerned that it will get hot and break the globe. Thank you in advance.

  2. Conservation Mart says:

    Hi Shirley,
    The CFL and LED GU24 bulbs stay cool to the touch. The light is generated using technology that allows the bulbs to remain cool the whole time they’re on.

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